Your New Entertainment Alternative

Consumers are constantly looking for the best products and services that they can afford. When it comes to TV service, many opt for direct TV packages because of the cost and quality of service. Numerous consumers are no longer happy with the services being offered by their cable providers and have begun to search for other options. DIRECTV offers itself as an alternative service to standard television programming.

What is DIRECTV?

It is a digital satellite television service provider offering the best experience in TV viewing. They provide consumers with a wide selection of direct TV packages and choices better than those being offered by other TV providers. The company currently services more customers than any other satellite TV provider.

The 2011 Customer Satisfaction Index has ranked Direct TV as the top satellite provider. They provide their customers with access to various services such as 3D satellite programming, directv on demand, and an extensive selection of satellite TV channels. In addition to this, fees are highly competitive compared to those provided by cable companies as well as other satellite providers. Subscribers get access to many features, and the direct TV guide is always available.


DIRECTV provides premium channels and various DIRECTV international packages that are translated in different languages. The English Satellite TV Package offers various pricing options to cater to different consumer needs and budgets. The Basic English Package includes free installation of the satellite dish as well as the option for your iPad to have access to DIRECTV. Using the latest in DIRECTV technology, users gain access to over 4,000 movies and shows on demand, an HDTV DVR, as well as free access to 140 digital channels for 3 months.

The second English Package includes the whole package of the first and more, such as 2,000 more movies and shows on demand, free access to 150 channels and movie packages (Showtime, Starz, Cinemax and HBO) for 3 months. The Third English Package includes everything in the previous package with 205 channels, an option to upgrade your movie packages, and an additional 1,000 movies and shows on demand. The Choice Ultimate Package also includes 11 additional movie channels and 225 digital channels. Lastly, the Premier Package offers 35 specialty sports networks, almost all movie packages, DIRECTV login for Cinemax and HBO, and 285 other channels.

The Spanish Package provides most of the satellite TV channels and includes several Spanish language channels as well. This is a great option for those who speak the Spanish language. Several packages are available in liking to the English packages with the addition of 45, 55, 60 and 60 Spanish channels on each package level up. The premier DIRECTV package, Lo Maximo, provides a total of 295 channels.

There is also a wide selection of DIRECTV sports channels. Many other television providers are unable to offer special deals like those from DIRECTV, not the least of which is the unique direct TV guide. Some channels such as NFL Sunday Ticket have extra charges but give the customer unlimited access.

Other Services

More and more businesses are utilizing DIRECTV to service their patrons. Satellite TV is already a popular choice among bar and restaurant owners, and now more offices and hospitals alike are using the service as well. The DIRECTV business options are endless. From hotel rooms to dorm rooms, satellite TV offers the convenience of premium HD channels in nearly any location.

DIRECTV can be easily considered as the best satellite provider in the market today, and one of the best TV service providers overall. Many cable TV companies are not at par with the services and inclusions that this company offers. With a 2 year agreement comes the peace of mind of having a superb television experience with all the additional benefits to boot. Consumers are also sure to find a package that is suited to their budget and needs. It is hard to top the various sports networks and on demand options being offered through DIRECTV.