DIRECTV Everywhere


Living in a fast-paced, mobile and technological world wherein convenience is a high priority. People are searching for fast and straightforward access to everything that surrounds them especially entertainment. Say goodbye to missed movies, series and live events. Now DIRECTV is able to offer the best mobile and portable entertainment experience.

Direct TV Everywhere is able to offer convenience in one’s hand. People can watch shows and movies on their computers, tablets and mobile phones where there is a broadband connection. Now with DIRECTV Everywhere one can certainly enjoy the latest Hollywood hits and catch up on their favorite series. One can also set his DVR from anywhere, anytime with the use of the computer, tablet or mobile phone. One can also access the service regardless of the type or receiver they have in their home setup.

Movie Channels

It also consists of DIRECTV Cinema movies including recent movie releases. Movies and shows from premium networks including HBO, Cinemax, STARZ and Encore are also available. The Sony Movie Library is also included. It also consists of an exclusive DIRECTV Audience Network.

DIRECTV Everywhere has a complete listing of programs for every channel. Just click on any program then a show description will come out and one could watch it instantly or record it to the DVR. Aside from that DIRECTV Everywhere also offers an entertainment guide category wherein you can type a word in the search field. It can even filter and sort the search results by category.

The technology allows you to order a number of the latest movie releases and live events to watch anywhere, anytime. There are different tabs wherein you could check the schedule for each program especially that of the live events. There are also dedicated pages for movies, shows and live events to make it easier for you to browse through the listing and also discover shows and movies one might have overlooked.

DIRECTV Everywhere enables you to create lists of his favorite channels, movies and shows just by clicking on the heart icon. Then all items marked as Favorites will be contained in one place at the bottom of your screen. When looking for something to watch you could choose to browse those programs available in that folder.

DIRECTV Everywhere and Social Media

DIRECTV Everywhere is connected to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is also capable of sharing what one is enjoying on Direct TV. By clicking on the Facebook or Twitter icon below any program one could tell what he is currently watching and recommend it to his friends and followers.

This technology is convenience at your fingertips. Never again would you miss a single episode of your favorite series nor miss your favorite live events. Everything is just a click away from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You could check the schedules, bookmark, buy, download and record the shows whenever, wherever. DIRECTV Everywhere has revolutionized the entertainment industry by making their technology more accessible anytime, anywhere. It is definitely the future of entertainment.